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If podcasting is driving you crazy, we can help. If your podcast is driving your listeners crazy, we can help with that, too.

8 Reasons to Get Help

1) You or someone you love is suffering from a podcast-related syndrome.

2) You keep hearing about podcasting but can’t imagine what it might have to do with your business.

3) You like the idea of podcasting, but aren’t sure it’s right for your business.

4) You want to start podcasting, but aren’t sure what to do.

5) You don’t want to start podcasting, but you still want to take advantage of this medium to market your business.

6) You already have a podcast, but you want to make it better or market it more widely.

7) You want to pitch your product or service to podcasters—without ending up on the Bad Pitch Blog.

8) You need an outside expert to convince your company to start podcasting.

Check Yourself In

Has everyone around you suddenly transformed from a human into a bipod—an animal that moves about on two feet with wires trailing from its ears? Are your friends and colleagues prone to laugh out loud for no apparent reason whilst in the middle of mundane tasks? Does your previously sane spouse now spend hours locked in a closet with a laptop and a microphone?

The cause of these seemingly bizarre behaviours is simple: podcasting. This new technology makes distributing audio files over the Internet so easy that everyone is doing it: big media, solo professionals, teens, septuagenarians, universities, and corporations. And, as podcasters and listeners alike have discovered, podcasting is addictive. Once you start listening, you can never go back to drive-time radio.

Whether you’re already suffering from a podcast-related syndrome or need help figuring out how you, too, can use podcasting for education, business development, and marketing, you’ve come to the right place.

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All Our Services Are Reassuringly Expensive

We want clients who are serious enough about their businesses to invest time, money, and effort into their podcasting initiatives. If you want the Wal-Mart of podcast consulting, you’re in the wrong place.

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